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SoCal Baseball First Umpire Association….we’re the primary source of quality umpires for USSSA So Cal/Baseball First. We officiate USSSA tournament games at ballparks across the Inland Empire and Orange County nearly every weekend of the year. Our most utilized fields are the Big League Dreams Parks in Chino Hills, Perris, Jurupa Valley and West Covina.

Our primary goal is the consistent and accurate application of our modified OBR rule set…a very close second is our responsibility to enhance our “customer’s experience” during the time they spend at our games and on our fields. Each team we officiate pays a great deal of money to participate in a USSSA tournament and 30-40% of that tournament fee goes directly toward compensating the umpires.  It is important we provide value for their investment.

It is our mission to provide an atmosphere of continuous improvement for our officials. This includes executing proper two man mechanics, learning and understanding our modified OBR rule set, the proper application of our rule set …and yes…how to provide excellent customer service!

If you’ve got experience umpiring at any level using the OBR rule set, click the link below and send us an email describing your experience, the city you live in, what your availability is and whether or not you have any limitations.

Thank you for your interest.

Paul Pillsbury
UIC – Assigner USSSA/Baseball First
(951) 870-1686 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.