All teams are required to pay the Tournament Entry Fee in full by 9:00pm the Wednesday prior to the tournament weekend. Please note that the entry fee listed on the Tournament Schedule  page is for mailed-in entry fees. Entry fees paid online will be an additional $20 charge.

If a team submits payment via check and the check is returned due to insufficient funds, that team will be required to pay online for all future tournaments and will be charged a $25 NSF fee. If a team pays at the tournament for any reason, they will be charged an additional $25 late feel that must be paid by money order. All out of state teams are required to pay the entry fee online.

Pay Online

To pay for a tournament online, you will be taken to the official USSSA national site where you can select an event and pay securely online using a credit card. Follow the instructions below:

If your team has not been entered into the tournament:

  • Login to USSSA using your login ID and password. You will be taken to your individual team web page. From there, click the Tournament/Leagues link. You will see 4 columns:
    • Column 1 – Highlight your team age and division
    • Column 2 – Highlight So. California
    • Columns 3 and 4 – Highlight All
    • Put in the date of the tournament and hit submit. You will see a list of the tournaments you are eligible for. Click on the entry fee of the tournament you want to play and it will take you to the payment page.

If you have already submitted a tournament application and your team has been entered into the tournament:

Login to USSSA using your login ID and password. Click on the View Schedule link. From there you will see the tournament listed with a red Pay by Charge Card link. Click that link to pay for that tournament online.

Rainout/Tournament Cancellation Policy

In the event of tournament being cancelled by weather or any other unpreventable occurrence, every effort will be made to complete the tournament. Schedules may be changed, games may be shortened and a two day tournament may become a one day tournament. In the event of a rainout with no make-up tournament scheduled, we will offer all teams a credit based on the following criteria:

  • A full rainout, meaning no games were played, a credit will be issued for the entire entry fee
  • If one game was played, a team will receive credit for ½ of the entry fee
  • If two games are played, no credit will be given
  • All credits must be used in Southern California USSSA Tournaments

If a tournament is rained out while in progress and a make-up is scheduled, there will be no refund or credit for teams that do not play the make-up. The tournament director has the right to alter schedules, adjust time limits, or adjust the number of playoff participants in order to complete the tournament. The tournament director also has the right to alter the amount of the credits issued.